“For me, the North Andover Fall Ball League is a mainstay on the recruitment calendar. There are college prospects in every game, it’s extremely organized, and the information packets are accurate and detailed.”  

Edward Silva
Head Coach, University of New England

“At WPI we have found the NAFL to be a fertile ground for the recruitment of outstanding student-athletes from some of the top high school basketball programs in the state. Rick Gorman and his staff do a terrific job organizing and promoting the league and at WPI we love to be there every week.”

Chris Bartley
Head Coach, WPI

“In my 17 years as a college coach, 13 as head coach, there is not a finer, well organized league than the North Andover Fall League. This league is a must for any college serious about their recruiting. From the moment you walk into the gym, you are greeted with a welcoming smile, provided detailed information on all teams and players… and there is no one who studies the area’s players better than Rick Gorman.”

Chris Harvey
Head Coach, Salem State University

“It is my pleasure to write about my experiences at the Fall Boys’ Basketball League held at the North Andover Youth/Rec Center. The Fall League has been a large part of our recruiting calendar for years. Rick Gorman and his staff are professionals in every sense of the word. Their league in regards to the experience they orchestrate for the players, the coaches, and the fans is second to none. Rick and his staff do an excellent job ensuring that players get a top notch experience and that the coaches in attendance get all the information they need to identify the students that they would like to recruit. I wish more folks operated such leagues in the manner that Rick does. The excitement and competition are great, as well as being able to watch kids outside of their high school traditional schedule. Anyone can run a league but North Andover is much more than that! My highest recommendation and congratulations to Rick Gorman for spearheading the program!”

Rob Colbert
Head Coach & Associate Athletic Director, Keene State College

“The North Andover Fall Ball League is quite simply the best fall basketball league around. The league is very well organized and provides coaches with the chance to see high quality teams/players in a very competitive situation. It is and will continue to be on our fall recruiting calendar.”

Paul Booth
Head Coach, Norwich University

“The North Andover Fall Ball League is one of the best run high school basketball leagues in New England. The NA Fall Ball League is 1st class in every way possible. You know exactly what you are getting into when your team plays in this league. The games are on time and the schedule is clear and given to you months in advance. The gym is clean and taken care of like it is the TD Garden. The scorer’s table is run with precision where the time, score, and stats are done correctly. The referees are some of the best in the area.

For coaches, the talent is some of the best teams in MA and NH. As a coach, you get a great look at where your team stands and what you need to work on going into the season. It is a great league to get a look at some of your future prospects as well to see who has worked on their game in the off season. For players, the opportunity for college exposure is unmatched. On any given night your players are playing in front of 15-20 different D2 and D3 coaches. The college coaches’ packet is another great tool to get your players the exposure and chance to play at the next level. There is no other league in the state that has this type of exposure and connections to top level college hoops.

Between the annual coaches buffet and the player appreciation buffet, you are getting your monies worth when playing in this league. If by some chance you miss some games, the weekly Fennis recap has in depth stats, analysis, and constructive feedback for coaches, players, fans, and parents. The communication between Rick and head coaches really separates this league from others.

I have been a part of a ton of off season hoop leagues and tournaments. There are no other leagues that come close to the experience you get at the NA Fall Ball. The time, energy, and effort that Rick and his staff put into this league make it what it is. An overall great experience!”

Paul Tanglis
Head Coach, North Andover High School

“Hands down, best fall league in the area! Great competition every week. Every team is always better for having played in it, regardless of records. It is run with class, by class individuals with the right objectives – the kids. The organization of the league, and the exposure it gives our students/athletes to the next level is unmatched. I look forward to participating in NA Fall fall for many years to come.”

Rob McLaughlin
Head Coach, Salem NH High School

“Rick Gorman’s Fall Basketball League is the most competitive, well-organized, and exciting league I have ever seen. As a high school coach, I have seen firsthand the improvement of our team as a result of Rick Gorman’s Fall Ball. This is hands-down the best league for teams trying to get to the next level.”

Thad Broughton
Head Coach, Peabody High School

“The North Andover Fall Ball League is the elite preseason league in New England. You will not find a more well run league out there combined with the top notch competition, press coverage, and college exposure that truly separates this league into a class of its own.”

Anthony Faradie
Head Coach, Methuen High School

“The Fall Basketball League directed by Rick Gorman is the best league in the state which has everything coaches, players, and parents could ask for. The league offers college recruitment, respected officials, twitter updates, the best competition in the state, and my personal favorite, the 15 page week in review. I have organized, coached, and played in many offseason leagues and this one trumps them all.”

Dave Clay
Head Coach, Triton Regional High School

“Since I’ve taken over at Tewksbury we’ve played in multiple off-season leagues and tournaments. None compared to Fall Ball. It’s professionally run, top rate referees, and has an amazing atmosphere. The detailed write-up each week is not only in-depth, but provides great insight into not just the league but the entire culture of high school hoops. Though all I’ve mentioned is great, the best part is the amazing exposure kids get. The amount of college coaches provides a special opportunity for our kids to showcase their talents. I’ve had numerous players who’ve had no college coaches contact them prior to the league pick up multiple contacts after our fall ball games. Bottom line if we hadn’t played well in fall ball, I’m positive we’d have less kids going on to play college ball.”

Phil Conners
Head Coach, Tewksbury High School

“The North Andover Fall League is by far the best run league we play in. My kids gear up to play in this league every fall. The playoff atmosphere every game with tons of fans and college coaches can’t be matched in any other league. Rick truly cares about each team and its players. We are already anticipating playing in it next year.”

Matt Regan
Head Coach, Pelham High School

“NA Fall Ball is filled with excellent competition. It definitely prepares our players for the season as there are no easy games. The work that Rick Gorman and his staff does is outstanding.”

Chris Bramanti
Head Coach, Westford High School

“The North Andover Fall Ball League is without a doubt the most competitive and well run high school basketball fall leagues in Massachusetts. The role that this league played in the development and preparation of our programs has been vital to the success that we have had over the years. What truly separates this league from all others is the exposure that the players get to college coaches. On any given night, it is very common to see 20 college coaches walk through the gym doors to watch prospective student athletes play.”

Rick Nault
Head Coach, Central Catholic High School

“The fall league provided is a huge opportunity for my guys to become better and prepare for our regular season. It also was a good test to see who did their work in the off season and who didn’t, this league made that very clear with the high quality competition each and every week. Not one player of mine was getting recruited to college until they got the exposure from the NA Fall league. By the third week there was over 40 colleges in the gym and now I have 3 out of 4 seniors going to play college basketball after this season, and got exposure for my underclass men. This is the best off season league I have witnessed and am grateful to be a part of it.”

Nate Stanton
Head Coach, Londonderry High School

“St. John’s Prep always looks forward to NA Fall Ball because we know we’re going to play against the best competition and the league is always run first class. Rick does a great job communicating the teams resulting in a smooth league with little problems. The league prepares us for the regular season like no other league around. Look forward to next yaer.”

John Dullea
Head Coach, St. John’s Prep

“The North Andover Fall League is everything that you want out of a league. The league is organized, has top notch competition and officiating, and provides great atmosphere during games for coaches and parents. The league offers exposure to college’s and universities for the players and is tremendous preparation heading into our winter high school season. The weekly recaps and coaches/players buffet only add to the allure of the league. The NA Fall League is the premier league for any highly comopetitive programs in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.”

Dave Fazio
Head Coach, Andover High School